Posted by Russell Minor Football Association. on May 21 2018 at 07:35AM PDT

Good morning Renegades!

Hope you have all been enjoying your long weekend. Just a couple of notes/reminders:

1) Coaches have asked that you arrive early on game nights. If you have the early game (6:30pm) then please arrive at the field no later than 6:15pm. If you have the later game (7:30) then please arrive at the field no later than 6:45pm. Having the kids properly warmed up before the game is very important to avoid injuries.
2) We are looking for a couple of “first aid” parents to sit on the bench during games. We need a parent volunteer from each team to sit on the bench with the kids during games to tend to “injuries”. Nothing serious just someone to be able to prep/apply ice packs if necessary etc. There are always certified first aiders on the field should a real emergency occur.
3) Parking: Please note that the outside of the circle is marked a no parking zone. We have been lucky so far this year but we have in past had by-law come around and ticket vehicles parked in the circle. Please make note of the no parking signs.
Lastly, we still have Redblack’s tickets for sale for the home opener game Thurs. June 21st. $27.00 per ticket all fees and taxes included. This is our only fundraiser so please consider getting tickets to the game. This sale is not limited to Renegades families so please share this opportunity with family, co-workers etc.