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Posted by Russell Minor Football Association. at May 21, 2018 7:35AM PDT

Good morning Renegades!

Hope you have all been enjoying your long weekend. Just a couple of notes/reminders:

1) Coaches have asked that you arrive early on game nights. If you have the early game (6:30pm) then please arrive at the field no later than 6:15pm. If you have the later game (7:30) then please arrive at the field no later than 6:45pm. Having the kids properly warmed up before the game is very important to avoid injuries.
2) We are looking for a couple of “first aid” parents to sit on the bench during games. We need a parent volunteer from each team to sit on the bench with the kids during games to tend to “injuries”. Nothing serious just someone to be able to prep/apply ice packs if necessary etc. There are always certified first aiders on the field should a real emergency occur.
3) Parking: Please note that the outside of the circle is marked a no parking zone. We have been lucky so far this year but we have in past had by-law come around and ticket vehicles parked in the circle. Please make note of the no parking signs.
Lastly, we still have Redblack’s tickets for sale for the home opener game Thurs. June 21st. $27.00 per ticket all fees and taxes included. This is our only fundraiser so please consider getting tickets to the game. This sale is not limited to Renegades families so please share this opportunity with family, co-workers etc.

As Coach Nick mentioned to the kids at the end of today’s practice we are not cleared by the school board to be on the outdoor field yet as it is still too wet. This week’s practice will be as follows
Tuesday – cancelled
Thursday – in the dome from 6pm-7pm
We are hoping that we are able to start our regular Tues/Thurs 6:30pm practices outside the following week. Thank you for your patience.

As well we are in need of Mosquito parent coaches. If you are at the field during practice please step up and come help out at the mosquito level. Sometimes it appears we have a lot of help on the field but these are mainly students. We are still in need of parent volunteers. No football or coaching experience is needed, Coach Maddog (the head of the Mosquito division) is highly skilled and experienced and will walk you through practices.

See you all Thursday!

Registration is now open for the 2018 season!!! New this year, we are now accepting e-transfers!!! (I know this will make many of you VERY happy) The cost for the 2018 season is $250.00 (this includes your refundable $50.00 deposit for borrowed equipment) Register online and send e-transfer (to – make password Renegades) or bring payment (Cash or Cheque only) either in person to Christina Martin (Address will be provided when necessary) or just bring it with you when you come for equipment pick up!! (Sunday March 25th – Please note equipment will not be handed out to the player until registration has been paid) With the new Sports Dome in Russell being open we are hosting our Sundays in April in the Dome, in full equipment!! We have the Dome for 4 Sundays in April for an hour in the mornings. (See Tentative Season Schedule attached)
COACHES!!! We are in need of coaches. We will need, in advance, a minimum of 2 head coaches, 2 assistant coaches and 3 “trainers” at each division or that division will not be run this year. It is not safe for the kids if we don’t have enough trainers on the field. No experience is necessary to be a coach and/or trainer. Coach Nick will be hosting a coaching clinic. Head coaches will help to run plays during the game and at practices, Assistant coaches will be on the bench with the team on the sideline during games and will assist the head coach in running plays during practices. Trainers will assist the Head and Assistant coaches during practices by holding pads, helping run drills etc. This is a minimal commitment as the league only runs from beginning of April till end of June. In April, we run once per week, May and June twice per week with 2 added Friday evenings. There is a spot on the registration form to register to be a coach/trainer. Please fill this in and help out as we would love to see all 4 divisions get to run this season!! If you are interested in coaching or know someone who is but are not registering a child in the league, please send an email to with your contact info and what level you would be interested in coaching. This is a great opportunity for volunteer hours for high school students!
Looking forward to a great season!!! If you know anyone who may be interested in learning the game of football or coaching/helping out please pass this email along to them!!!

Looking forward to a great season!